Oil Infusion 2020Client 17-0315

22.75 mg

Total Cannabinoids

1000.0 mg (1 mL)

Serving Size
BATCH # N/A - Tested 12/13/2020 for Potency


To determine how much Oil Infusion 2020 to consume to achieve your desired dose, use the:

Dosage Calculator

  mg per serving percent by volume
Total Cannabinoids 22.75 mg 2.28%
THC 19.5 mg 1.95%
THCa 2.08 mg 0.21%
CBG 0.4 mg 0.04%
CBGa 0.23 mg 0.02%
THCv 0.12 mg 0.01%
CBC 0.42 mg 0.04%
Not detected: CBD, CBN, CBNa, CBDa, CBDva, Δ8-THC, THCva, CBDv, CBCa, CBL, CBLa, CBCv, CBT

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